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ESI Electronic Products is one of the leading suppliers of electronics for exercise and rehabilitation equipment. Look for our electronics in homes, health clubs, and rehabilitation clinics, in equipment manufactured by Nautilus Industries, Landice Treadmills, Biodex Medical Systems, and numerous other manufacturers. We provide custom solutions, which incorporate advanced displays and controls.
Whether your system needs simple LED based displays, to sophisticated 3D interactive graphics, we can incorporate the features your users require, with a wide range of optional components such as heart rate monitoring, sonar ranging, and network links.
With our comprehensive, advanced electronic design and manufacturing services, we can provide our customers with complete support, from product development and design through manufacturing and service.

Exercise Equipment - Display Systems

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Exercise Equipment - Motor Controls

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Exercise Equipment - Brake and Generator Drives

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Industrial Test Equipment, Controls and Telecommunications

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Our telecommunications equipment is found in telephone interconnect equipment and cable testers. See some of our industry leading products in equipment from The Siemon Company and other manufacturers. Come to us with your idea and we will help your company take it from concept, to design, to manufacture and service.

Other Applications

ESI VLS-2000 Video Processor -- Scaler/Doubler/Tripler/Quadrupler:

ESI VLS Video Processor
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Our controls are found in a wide range of equipment in many different industries. Look for our electronics in vacuum presses, boom trucks, dental equipment, and high-end audio equipment. Our experience in control systems, user interfaces, power control, and microprocessor hardware and software allows us to tailor complete custom solutions to your electronic needs.

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